Best new cars for under £250 per month

If you can muster a £250 monthly budget then check out these deals on some of the best new cars you can buy today

There’s an exciting range of new car options available to buyers on a £250 monthly budget, including some of the newest and most impressive family hatchbacks and crossover models. We’ve compiled a list of some of the promoted offers on our favourite cars, all of which are within range for drivers, as long as they’ve got the necessary deposit.

We’ve targeted manufacturer Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) schemes as the best way to minimise monthly commitments, and you may be surprised at how little you need to pay per month to enjoy cars as varied as the latest family hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla or Kia Ceed.

You may be looking for something a bit trendier but still practical, in which case the SEAT Arona or Renault Captur may be more up your street.

All are currently offered with manufacturer PCP deals demanding sub-£250 monthly payments, but our range of deals also reflects the flexible nature of PCP type schemes.

Basically, the amount you pay per month always depends on a variety of factors. These include the size of your deposit up front, manufacturer discounts and deposit contributions, the length of your deal (typically two to four years), and the lump sum payment required at the end of the deal if you want to keep the car.

Alternatively, you can use the car’s remaining value to trade-in for a new model, or you can hand the keys back to the dealer and part ways. Scroll down to find our list of the best new cars for £250 or less.

If you want to stretch your £250 monthly budget even further, check out the amazing range of nearly-new and used car deals on our sister website BuyaCar.

Best new cars for under £250 per month

Volkswagen Golf - £210 per month

  • Model: VW Golf 8 Life 1.5 130PS 5dr
  • List price: £23,900
  • Deposit: £5,776 (£1,250 contribution)
  • Monthly payments: £210
  • Number of payments: 47
  • APR: 5.4%
  • Optional final payment: £9,805
  • Total to pay by customer if returning: £16,906
  • Total to pay by customer if keeping: £26,711 

The eighth generation VW Golf is the latest in the line of formidable family hatchbacks, and majors on impressive new technology including a 10-inch touchscreen for even the entry-spec Life trim.

The traditional values of practicality and build quality remain consistent too, but plenty of rivals have caught up with the VW’s once peerless ‘premium feel’ – a characteristic used to justify traditionally high prices charged for the model.

With a starting price of £23,900 you’ll need to bring a hefty deposit if you want to get monthly payments down. VW will help out with a £1,250 deposit contribution, but you’ll still be fronting-up nearly £6,000 to take advantage of this eye-catching £210 per month PCP promotion.

Find finance deals for used VW Golf models on BuyaCar...

SEAT Arona - £218 per month

  • Model: SEAT Arona FR 1.0 TSI 115
  • List price: £23,900
  • Deposit: £3,236 (£2,500 contribution)
  • Monthly payments: £218
  • Number of payments: 47
  • APR: 5.8%
  • Optional final payment: £8,307
  • Total to pay by customer if returning: £16,015
  • Total to pay by customer if keeping: £24,322 

The SEAT Arona is a desirable SUV/crossover model that’s based on the Ibiza supermini, but it shares much of the design appeal of its bigger SUV sisters – the Ateca and Tarraco.

It’s a bit roomier than the Ibiza and a little more upmarket too, with equipment levels and prices that reflect its status in the line-up. Not that you need to worry about that currently, as SEAT is offering a healthy £2,500 deposit contribution and £500 off the list price for early-birds who order before mid-December.

Bring your own £3,236 deposit, and that means you could have the sporty-looking Arona FR on your drive for just £218 per month with SEAT’s promoted four-year deal.

Find finance deals for used SEAT Arona models on BuyaCar...

Toyota Corolla - £229 per month

  • Model: Toyota Corolla Design 1.8 hybrid
  • List price: £27,455
  • Deposit: £6,735
  • Monthly payments: £229
  • Number of payments: 42
  • APR: 0%
  • Optional final payment: £11,332
  • Total to pay by customer if returning: £16,123
  • Total to pay by customer if keeping: £27,455 

The world’s best-selling car definitely impresses in its latest guise, which marked the return of the Corolla nameplate to the UK. Previously we had to suffer the pedestrian Auris instead, and the Corolla is a vast improvement that’s up with the best in class in almost every area.

Great build quality, excellent refinement, a hybrid powertrain and those legendary Toyota reliability credentials all help add up to a car that’s easy to love. Love will come even easier when you check out the zero per cent finance offer from the manufacturer on its five-door 1.8 Design hatchback. You’ll need a fairly chunky deposit of nearly £7,000, but after that the monthly payments are a very appealing £229 for 42 months.

Find finance deals for used Toyota Corolla models on BuyaCar...

Kia Ceed - £231 per month

  • Model: Kia Ceed ‘2’ 1.0 petrol
  • List price: £18,855
  • Deposit: £1,886 (£2,500 deposit contribution)
  • Monthly payments: £231
  • Number of payments: 37
  • APR: 4.9%
  • Optional final payment: £7,793
  • Total to pay by customer if returning: £12,716
  • Total to pay by customer if keeping: £20,509 

The Kia Ceed is one of the Korean manufacturer’s hits in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. The once cheap and cheerful brand now competes head on with the class-leaders in terms of technology, quality and performance, while still maintaining a price advantage.

The Ceed is Kia’s rival for the VW Golf or Ford Focus, and features good ride and handling, generous specifications and an excellent 7-year warranty. Entry-level ‘2’ spec includes an 8-inch touchscreen and is far from basic with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the menu.

Also on the menu is a whacking great £2,500 deposit contribution from Kia as part of this four-year PCP deal which could put a Ceed on your drive from just £231 per month.

Find finance deals for used Kia Ceed models on BuyaCar...

Renault Captur - £239 per month

  • Model: Renault Captur Play TCe 100
  • List price: £19,095
  • Deposit: £1,384 (£1,000 contribution)
  • Monthly payments: £239
  • Number of payments: 48
  • APR: 4.9%
  • Optional final payment: £7,648
  • Total to pay by customer if returning: £13,856
  • Total to pay by customer if keeping: £21,504 

The Renault Captur is one of the more eye-catching small crossovers on the market, but its style is definitely backed by substance. You get lots of kit for your money thanks to generally high specs, reasonable performance and cheap running costs, as well as the flexibility and practicality buyers have come to expect in this fashionable sector.

The Captur shares its engineering platform with the Clio and while the handling isn’t quite as nimble thanks to its higher ride height, it’s still a decent steer. It’s roomier inside than the old model too, further cementing those family-friendly credentials.

You need only to find £1,384 up front, as a £1,000 deposit contribution from Renault brings monthly PCP payments down to £239 in this four-year deal.

Find finance deals for used Renault Captur models on BuyaCar...

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