Most reliable used 4x4s and SUVs 2022

SUVs and 4x4s need to work in all environments, which means reliability is crucial. Here are the most reliable SUVs to buy now

People tend to buy large SUVs for use as hard-working family vehicles, able to deal with the school run, trips into town and long holiday journeys. Meanwhile, those who buy full on 4x4s tend to use them off road occasionally, for example when camping.

But no matter what people use them for, they need them to be reliable. Breaking down on the way to school or halfway across a remote campsite would be inconvenient at best, and likely expensive, too.

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So, step towards our 2021 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey, which really can tell you the most reliable cars to buy in the sector you’re looking at.

We’ve made the scores really easy to understand – a car would have to have suffered no faults at all to score 100%, so anything above 90 per cent is something upon which you can rely.

Most reliable used 4x4s and SUVs

5. Subaru XV - 93.00%

  • Years of manufacture: 2012-2017
  • Price now: from £5,995

Subaru XV owners really feel they can rely on their cars, with the XV’s high score for reliability only surpassed by the one for safety kit. Indeed, the XV is the most reliable Subaru in the whole of our 2021 Driver Power survey; just don’t ask owners about fuel economy.

4. Kia Sportage Mk4 - 93.34%

  • Years of manufacture: 2015-2021
  • Price now: from £10,200

The Kia Sportage is a car you can get into each day, safe in the knowledge that it’s unlikely to let you down. Owners love its dependability, plus how roomy and practical it is. With the top three cars in our list all aimed at premium buyers, the Mk4 Sportage is the most reliable of the affordable 4x4s and SUVs and is a great used buy.

3. Porsche Macan - 93.65%

  • Years of manufacture: 2014-present
  • Price now: from £26,700

Porsches are quick, look great and make you feel good about being in them. And with the Macan, you can be assured you’re unlikely to end up in it at the side of the road, hazards flashing, because it’s exceptionally reliable. It’s streets ahead of Jaguar’s 60th-place F-Pace in this regard and is a worthy top three finisher.

2. Lexus RX Mk3 - 96.10%

  • Years of manufacture: 2008-2015
  • Price now: from £8,800

If you want an SUV that won’t let you down, you need to get yourself a Lexus RX. People love how dependable it is, as well as the space and comfort it offers. The downside? Well look below and you’ll see that those who took our 2021 survey consider the Mk3’s replacement to be even more reliable.

1. Lexus RX Mk4 - 96.69%

  • Years of manufacture: 2015-present
  • Price now: from £24,500

Almost 97 per cent reliability is what you can expect from a Lexus RX Mk4. The only thing more dependable than that is gravity. Everyone loves its engine and gearbox and how comfortable it is, plus how safe it makes you feel. It’s all-round great used purchase, although it’s still hard to find an example for under £25k.

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