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BMW X4 review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Almost every engine option provides good fuel consumption, but servicing and maintenance costs are at the higher end of the scale.

Like most big premium SUVs, the BMW X4 won’t be especially cheap to run – but fuel economy and emissions are good for this class. The xDrive20d model is capable of 40.4-42.8mpg when driven with restraint, but can still deliver brisk performance, while both versions of the 3.0-litre diesel can manage 36.7-40.9mpg. Emissions are quoted at 132g/km for the xDrive20d on its smallest available wheels (or 135g/km on larger ones), while the xDrive30d emits 154-158g/km depending on wheel size. The M40d returns 35.3-37.2mpg and emits 162-169g/km.

The M40i model is inevitably thirsty, with an official combined figure of up to 26.9mpg. The hotter X4 M Competition is the least efficient car in the range, returning 26.7mpg on average and emitting 239g/km of CO2.

The official emissions figure of 205-206g/km also means that the M40i will be costly in terms of Vehicle Excise Duty too. This is compounded by the fact that all BMW X4s are priced in excess of £40,000 and so attract an annual surcharge of £320 on top of the VED cost for the first five years you pay road tax.

Insurance groups

The least-expensive X4 xDrive20d model is in group 32 for insurance, which is broadly in line with its key rivals, but will result in above average premiums for most drivers and is also higher than the equivalent X3 model. The rest of the X4 range is rated between group 41 for the xDrive30d models, group 43 for the M40i and group 45 for the M40d, so insurance premiums will be a significant ongoing cost if you choose the higher-output models.


BMWs typically hold their value well compared to premium rivals, and premium SUVs are the new cars that tend to have the best residual values anywhere in the market. Helped by its relative scarcity, the X4 is expected to retain approximately 56 per cent of its value after three years, with the diesel models generally performing better than the M40i petrol.


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