Living Legends - specifications

Lamborghini Gallardo"£143,350""5,204cc V10""Six-speed sequential, four-wheel drive"552bhp"4,345/1,900/1,165mm"
Lamborghini Countach"£65,901""5,167cc V12 ""Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive"448bhp"4,140/2,000/1,070mm"
MINI Clubman"£16,860""1,598cc 4cyl""Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive"175bhp"3,958/1,683/1,432mm"
MINI Traveller£635848cc 4cyl"Four-speed manual, front-wheel drive"34bhp"3,299/1,410/1,359mm"
VW Scirocco 1.4"£18,395""1,390cc 6cyl""Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive "160bhp"4,256/1,810/1,404mm"
VW Scirocco 1.5"£1,995""1,471cc 6cyl""Four-speed manual, front-wheel drive"85bhp"3,850/1,630/1,290mm"
Fiat 500 Multijet"£10,670""1,288cc turbodiesel ""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive"69bhp"3,456/1,627/1,488mm"
Fiat 500L£556499cc"Four-speed manual, rear-wheel-drive"18bhp"2,970/1,320/1,335mm"
Nissan GT-R"£56,100""3,799cc""Six-speed semi-auto, four-wheel drive"480bhp"4,655/1,895/1,370mm"
Nissan Skyline"£38,000""2,569cc""Five-speed manual, four-wheel drive "280bhp"4,545/1,755/1,341mm"
Ford Fiesta 1.4"£11,255""1,388cc 4cyl""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive "96bhp"3,950/1,722/1,481mm"
Ford Fiesta Mk1"£1,856"957cc "Four-speed manual, front-wheel drive "84bhp"3,712/1,585/1,326mm"
Volvo C30R"£16,883""1,999cc 4cyl ""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive "143bhp"4,252/1,782 1,447mm"
Volvo 480ES"£10,850""1,721cc""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive "109bhp"4,257/1,709/1,316mm"
Vauxhall Astra VXR"£19,575""1,998cc""Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive "237bhp"4,290/1,753/1,415mm"
Vauxhall Astra GTE"£7,344""1,998cc ""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive"156bhp"4,000/1,660/1,400mm"
Fiat Panda 4x4 Cross"£11,744""1,248cc 4cyl ""Five-speed manual, four-wheel drive"70bhp"3,581/1,611/1,643mm"
Fiat Panda 4x4"£4,872"999cc "Four-speed manual, four-wheel drive "49bhp"3,410/1,500/1,485mm"
SEAT Ibiza 1.2"£8,416""1,198cc 4cyl""Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive "70bhp"4,052/1,693/1,445mm"
SEAT Ibiza Mk1"£4,499"903cc 4cyl"Four-speed manual, front-wheel drive "44bhp"3,638/1,608/1,394mm"
Mercedes C63 AMG"£50,342""6,208cc V8""Seven-speed auto, rear-wheel drive "457bhp"4,581/1,770/1,449mm"
Mercedes 190E Cosworth"£29,900""2,464cc 4cyl""Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive "202bhp"4,430/1,720/1,342mm"

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