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Audi A4 review - MPG, CO2 and Running Costs

Efficient but powerful engines deliver strong performance without sky-high running costs

With the introduction of mild hybrid tech from 2019 onwards, the A4’s petrol and diesel units received a gentle boost in fuel economy. In addition to reducing combustion engine load through regenerative braking, the 12-volt setup enables the stop/start system to engage almost instantly, and from a higher speed than before. When coasting on a motorway, the engine can cut out for up to 40 seconds at a time to reduce fuel usage further.

The Audi A4 is a pricey compact executive saloon. Prices start from around £30,000 – a figure which can soon escalate by adding extras. Adding the S tronic auto to the base model adds about £1,600 to the list price, and if you want the A4 Avant estate for its extra space, it costs around £1,400 more than the saloon.

The range starts with Technik, climbing through the Sport, S line and Black Edition models. Choose Sport trim over the Technik, and it'll cost you roughly £1,600 extra, while S line is around £1,500 on top of that. Then there's Black Edition, which, at just over £40,000 for a 30 TDI model, costs about £1,200 more than the S line. These, of course, are just the starting points, because you can add even more extras and packages from the options list.

At least everyday running costs should be reasonable. The A4 has now been tested under the latest WLTP conditions for fuel economy, and while this means that the numbers appear lower on paper than they were under the old NEDC test, they’re pretty plausible for real-world situations.

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The diesels are the economy champs. The 30 TDI Technik is the best performer of the A4 saloon range, with claimed economy of 54.3-55.4mpg. Emissions for the diesels, again under the more stringent WLTP testing, start from 134-137g/km of CO2, but rise incrementally when you move up a trim level and also in wheel size.

The petrol engines have closed the gap to the diesels for emissions, with the 35 TFSI starting at 150-153g/km in Technik trim with the S tronic gearbox (the manual is slightly dirtier). Again, this figure rises with trim upgrades and bigger wheels. In official tests, the 35 TFSI manages 42.2-42.8mpg.

Insurance groups

The Audi A4 is a desirable compact executive saloon, but it also comes with a raft of safety tech, which helps to balance out insurance costs. Group ratings for the standard range start at group 24, and rise to group 38 for the TFSI 45 model.


Depending on the model you go for, the Audi A4 saloon has will hold between 35-43 per cent of its value after three years. That means that most rivals either depreciate similarly or hold their value better. In comparison, the 3 Series holds between 42-46 per cent of its value over the same period, while the C-Class varies between 39 and 47 per cent. The Jaguar XE is in the 40-43 per cent range, and the Alfa Giulia family hovers around 40 per cent.


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