Citroen 2CV, For Your Eyes Only (1981)

BOND FACT: The film's car chases were choreographed by French stunt driver Rémy Julienne.

Bond can’t always rely on a glamorous supercar and Q’s clever gadgets to get him out of a sticky situation. When Bond (Roger Moore) and Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) are chased down a Spanish hillside by hired assassins, they have only a humble Citroen 2CV at their disposal.

Despite its unlikely credentials as a getaway car, plus a number of spectacular off-road excursions, the bright yellow machine manages to shake off a pair of pursuing Peugeot 504s, which boast far more power and grip.Yet there’s more to this classic Citroen than meets the eye.

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For instance, in order to make the chase scenes more exciting, stunt driving maestro Rémy Julienne ditched the standard car’s feeble 602cc two-cylinder engine in favour of a more powerful four-cylinder unit from the Citroen GS.

The 2CV was also one of the only Bond cars to spawn a roadgoing version. Launched to coincide with the film’s release, the special- edition model was finished in the same yellow paint scheme and featured 007 logos on the doors and bootlid, plus a smattering of stick-on bullet holes. It’s now highly prized among 2CV enthusiasts, with mint examples fetching as much as £5,000.

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